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    About Us

    No other connection is more essential than the one that can save a life. At Intrado, we deliver technology solutions and services that provide the critical link between the public and public safety.

    While nearly everyone outside of the public safety sphere takes 911 for granted, we never will. After all, we’re all consumers as well as suppliers of this most critical of services. We see your subscribers, employees and end users as you see them. As ordinary citizens, just like us, who might one day find themselves in need of emergency assistance from the experts—the first responders—who can help.

    Everything that happens after a 911 call is placed–the call routing and delivery, location determination, data management and situational data–that’s us. It’s essential that we execute flawlessly because every call must get through and seconds save lives. For us, it’s personal.

    The committed, passionate professionals who make up the Intrado Life & Safety team spend every day anticipating, developing, maintaining and improving 911 and emergency communications. While we appreciate the evolving ideas and technology innovations that make our lives more convenient, we focus on the ones that make us all safer.

    No technology will ever completely eradicate the need for 911 and emergency assistance. But working together, we can dramatically improve the odds and outcomes for all of us.

    Alarm & Security
    In the Alarm and Monitoring industry, true security is built upon a foundation of reliable data. Accurate, actionable contact data is vital for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) when responding to a subscriber’s alarm activation.

    Emergency Response Link (ERL) by Intrado quickly provides real time access to accurate contact information for notification to the police, fire, medical and Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and public safety answering points (PSAPs).

    Intrado is the leading e911 service provider for call routing and location. As an industry-leading E911 service provider, Intrado helps carriers simplify 911 location data management and call routing while meeting FCC regulations.

    We deliver pristine data transmitted over a stable, highly available network. As a result, over 100 wireless, ILEC, CLEC and VoIP carriers choose Intrado  as their E911 service provider.

    Why should your enterprise take a proactive approach to 911?  911 calls work differently when dialed from VoIP and Unified Communications phone systems, and you need an E911 solution to make sure your users have timely access to emergency assistance.

    At Intrado, our enterprise E911 solutions help you to protect your most important resources: your employees, your students and your customers. We connect your users to 911 emergency assistance – from the office, from remote branches, from the road, from any device. We deliver the E911 services and products that you need to meet E911 regulations while keeping costs in check.


    Intrado is your strategic partner with solutions AND experience in both call routing and GIS to help you navigate the terrain. We have the historical understanding of how legacy systems have handled 9-1-1 calls, how best to manage call routing during the current “Now Gen 9-1-1™” transitional phase, and how to prepare for future technology developments. We have the tools you need to get from Legacy to Now Gen 9-1-1 to Next Gen 9-1-1, no matter where you are in the process, including GIS data and database management software, managed services and professional services, geospatial map display and web editing solutions.

    Public Safety
    Intrado provides comprehensive call handling and next-generation, i3 compliant 911 solutions. Public safety agencies across the country rely on us for mission-critical 911 equipment and services. Emergency call takers need the tools to effectively and rapidly respond to each and every caller. VIPER(R), the industry’s longest operating, most dependable, versatile and complete end-to-end call handling system, ensures that telecommunicators are in total control of landline, wireless and VoIP 911 calls, along with continuity of operations services.