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    a division of FOX GROUP Technology Unit 3 - 38 Elliott Trail, Thorndale, ON N0M 2P0 Canada

    About Us

    Who is 9-1-1 Tech Advisors, and What We Do?

    9-1-1 Tech Advisors is a team of experienced communications technology professionals that provide a full suite of design, procurement and migration strategies and supporting services to the municipal and provincial organizations who provide emergency services, including police, ambulance and public safety support.

    Next Generation Communications Technology Advisory Services include:

    NG9-1-1 Readiness Assessments

    E9-1-1 to NG9-1-1 Migration Strategies and Architectures

    Detailed NG9-1-1 Design and Technical Requirements

    NG9-1-1 Technology Procurement Approach

    NG9-1-1 RFP Development and Procurement Support

    Vendor Proposal Technical and Financial Analysis

    Future TCO Forecast & Vendor Contract Support

    Project Implementation and Vendor Management

    The experienced 9-1-1 Tech Advisors team understands how to design, procure, install, support and manage the complex legacy 9-1-1 carrier, regulatory and technology complexities introduced with the new NG9-1-1 environment.

    We apply our expertise in helping clients to develop their NG9-1-1 strategies, overall technology architecture, and design. We also assist PSAPs in the acquisition and deployment of NG9-1-1 solutions.

    Whether the requirements are for your communication and dispatch centres, your mobile first responders or your internal admin staff, we help ensure that you select the right technology from the right vendor to improve communications responses.

    Our mature ePROcurement 3D web-based tools and analysis support services empower customers with the ability to gather business and technical requirements, optimize resources and auditability; streamline the acquisition process; and gain control, while reducing time, risks and costs.

    Our Senior NG9-1-1 Advisors and Experts

    Our senior practitioners Bill Elliott, ENP and Roberta Fox have helped lead the development of Canadian NG9-1-1 standards through their active participation in the CRTC ESWG NG9-1-1 standards committees, including the co-authoring of Real Time Text standards.

    Roberta J. Fox-Lawson, Chief Procurement and Technology Innovation Officer, is actively involved in the CRTC NG9-1-1 regulatory committees and the IETF related to RTT standards development. She regularly presents at MISA, NENA and APCO seminars on next generation NG9-1-1 Unified Communications, VoIP and contact centre technology trends.

    She recently led the design, development and deployment of the world’s first national integrated voice, text and chat suicide prevention hotline. This award-winning digital transformation solution involved integration of multiple vendors and technology elements similar to the NG9-1-1 environment.

    Her extensive expertise and experience includes the ability to successfully design, procure and lead complex client projects involving multi-agency next generation communications technology solutions, for over 25+ years. She is studying for her ENP certification.

    Bill Elliott, ENP, is a NENA Certified 9-1-1 professional. He has been deeply involved in three generations of 9-1-1 technology from a carrier, industry and regulatory perspective. He participated in multiple CRTC ESWG working committees and co-authored standards on NG9-1-1 specifications.

    Over the past 30+ years, he also worked with multiple police, healthcare, first responder and PSAP organizations to design and project manage their 9-1-1 telecommunications solutions.

    Why 9-1-1 Tech Advisors?

    We have worked with numerous public safety, first responders and related government agencies developing RFPs, analyzing results and acquiring next-generation IP-based voice, video, communications centre and unified communications solutions, for over thirty years.

    All of the 9-1-1 Tech Advisor management consulting professionals have been involved in the design and development of policies, practices and human skills required for these complex communications solutions.

    We believe in collaborating with our clients and their vendors to ensure that appropriate next-generation communications investments are implemented on-time, and on budget, while meeting the long term results and expectations of the first responder organizations and the public they so capably serve.

    For further information, check out our web page at www.911techadvisors.com, email info@foxgroup.ca or call 289.648.1981.