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    About Us

    Helping Public Safety Professionals Make Good Decisions

    “Reality-based Online Dispatcher Training”

    PLS Dispatch Pro is the nation’s leading provider of affordable, reality-based online training for

    9-1-1 dispatchers. Dispatch Pro helps agencies eliminate the cost of travel, lodging, per diem expenses, and overtime associated with off-site training programs. Dispatch Pro also reduces the risk of civil liability associated with high-risk calls. Users report improvement in preparation for challenging calls, decision making skills, and a renewed enthusiasm of experienced dispatchers.

    Dispatch Pro releases new online dispatcher lessons every month. Each Dispatch Pro lesson requires approximately one hour to complete. The lessons satisfy many state and national continuing dispatcher education and re-certification requirements, including for EMDs certified by IAED and APCO.

    The foundation of each lesson is the analysis of actual 9-1-1 emergency calls selected for the relevance of the call topic and their potential training value. The lesson plays a recording of each Target Call so the dispatcher can review it in real time.  The training analyzes every aspect of the call, including: the dispatcher’s questioning techniques (where, what, when, who, etc.); professionalism (situational awareness, caller/responder/public safety, control); and customer service (assurances, courtesy, use of voice, manner of ending the call, etc.). 

    Dispatch Pro provides dispatchers with information they rarely have: the outcome of the emergency that was the subject of the Target Call. The training is unique in that it offers an analysis of the dispatcher’s call handling from the perspective of career dispatchers, training officers, a personal injury attorney, and a risk manager. The training provides background material, media links, discussion questions and/or statistics related to the emergency in the Target Call. This background material is often used by agency partners as the foundation for additional in-house training.