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  • CritiCall Pre-Employment Testing Software

    193 Blue Ravine Road, Suite 270, Folsom, CA 95630 United States

    About Us

    Online testing available. CritiCall pre-employment testing software is designed to measure public-safety dispatcher, calltaker, and telecommunicator applicants' job-related behaviors and skills such as data entry, multi-tasking, decision-making, memory recall, reading comprehension, spelling, map reading, and more. The computerized test, which is virtually self-administering and self-scoring, is currently used by over 1,400 public-safety agencies across the United States and Canada.

    Many users have reported a dramatic reduction in turnover and an increase in the productivity of those they hire after adopting CritiCall for their pre-employment testing. Based on a national job analysis and validation study, CritiCall’s built-in Validation Wizard feature has allowed hundreds of additional public-safety agencies to confirm that the test addresses the federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures for the job as it is performed at their locations. Full validation study report available upon request. Also included with every CritiCall license is the built-in Test Writer tool that allows you to not only create custom true-false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank tests for your agency but keyboarding tests with your own content as well. CritiCall is now available in both installed- and online-software formats.

    Use CritiCall in conjunction with the TactiCall customizable training software for a more well-rounded personnel testing process. TactiCall focuses on: 1) Speech (maintaining voice clarity, proper volume and pace, and word selection, and 2) Protocols (following your agency’s step-wise processes, responding to verbal cues, and consistency in applying instructions.

    CritiCall and TactiCall are powered by Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., experts in Equal Employment Opportunity and Personnel Selection consulting and software development since 1974.