NextGSS - Next Generation Spatial Solutions

3535 Boulvard Saint-Charles
Montreal, QC h9h5b9

Phone: View Phone Number514-5056444
Fax: View Fax Number514-5056161

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Company Description:

NextGSS™ is the only provider of multi-generation, location, display, and call routing products for E911, NG9-1-1, CAD, and NG CAD. Our Spatial Command and Control Products™ are the core location and display services for both NG9-1-1 and NG CAD. To create a simple, multi-generation path to NG9-1-1 and NG CAD that improves call and incident workflow for your command centers, call takers, dispatchers, and first responders, today. Our products will reduce your call processing time, incident processing time, and response time while improving first responder safety. Our Spatial Command and Control Products™ should be able to reduce your total cost of ownership of your location and display services by over 50% to 100% over a five year period.

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