Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc.

2107-D Graves Mill Rd.
Forest, VA 24551

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Company Description:

Catalyst consoles fully integrate with Catalyst’s interoperability solution, IntelliLink™. IntelliLink™ allows for the creation of interoperable patches between radio channels, talk groups, or even disparate radio systems. Creating, modifying, activating, and tearing down patches can be accomplished in seconds.  The Catalyst model is a peer-to-peer network architecture, allowing any organization that is part of a patch scenario to establish the patch, or elect to not be part of the patch. IP networks allow for alternate routing of packets. If a packet-switched connection is broken, the IP packets can be re-routed along another path. The IP-based network approach distributes the routing function across many devices, reducing the risk of losing messages. The Catalyst system connects disparate radio systems through an IP network. Communicate with neighboring counties regardless of the radio system that they use. Connect to a regional or state-wide radio system using P25 CSSI.

Catalyst offers a variety of dispatch consoles, including the “thin” Desktop Dispatch client, an application with low bandwidth requirements so it can easily be adapted as a mobile solution or a backup dispatch solution.  This console is often used by agencies to share the load between dispatch centers for peak hours, special events, and after-hours.  Catalyst offers a number of support packages to best meet your organization’s needs. Qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your system meets critical communication needs.  For more information on Catalyst dispatch and interoperability products, call us at (434)582-6146, email, or visit on website

Product Information:
Catalyst RoIP Dispatch consoles increase efficiency and response time through completely flexible user interfaces that may be customized to each dispatcher’s unique responsibilities. Catalyst systems are cost effective solutions designed to meet the needs of your growing organization.

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