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Encinitas, CA 92024

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Company Description:

Performance, Operational, Clinical and Quality measures, in real-time via your iPad or iPhone, there’s an App for that - it’s FirstWatch! Public Safety teams across the USA & Canada count on FirstWatch every day, to monitor Phone, CAD, ProQA, ePCR, RMS and Hospital data in real-time, automatically! 

FirstWatch offers real-time dashboards for performance, operational and quality monitoring enabling organizations to proactively monitor response times, user-defined compliance rates, key performance indicators (KPI’s), profitability, quality assurance, operational measures and business activities — all in real-time — to mitigate threats before they fully develop. FirstWatch protects citizens and first responders by enhancing public safety with real-time situational awareness dashboards and automated data visualization tools (including detailed drill-downs into qualified incident data automatically rendered on interactive maps, charts and graphs.) FirstWatch provides early recognition of suspicious activities, crime trends, arson patterns and other incidents of interest, including activities near or around high-threat facilities, as well as potential terrorism-related events.

From potential pandemic disease outbreaks to bioterrorism, FirstWatch provides real-time situational awareness and automated alerting for public health directors, epidemiologists and other authorized team members via interactive web-based tools. The secure, detailed data displays are automatically created and updated by monitoring public safety data systems (Phone, CAD, ProQA, ePCR, RMS) and hospital data, which FirstWatch analyzes for potentially threatening health trends, patterns or geographic clusters of occurrences, in real time, as they develop.

FirstWatch, based in Encinitas, Calif., began monitoring 911 data in Kansas City, Mo. in 1999. Since then, FirstWatch has grown into the leader in real-time public safety data analysis, used by 911, police, fire, EMS, Homeland Security, emergency management and public health organizations in 35 states and provinces across the U.S. and Canada. FirstWatch's real-time situational awareness system enables public safety organizations to monitor what's happening in their system as events are unfolding, enabling quick action and response. FirstWatch's software solutions are used to enhance situational awareness to protect the health and safety of emergency responders through specialized real-time reports and alerts; to detect and alert public health and safety organizations to pandemic disease or bioterrorism; and to enable public safety agencies to meet operational performance goals and clinical quality measures.

Call or email us today, to learn how your team can join more than 300 agencies across the U.S. and Canada using real-time  911, police, fire, EMS, Homeland Security, emergency management and public health organizations data for situational awareness, enhanced operational performance and improved clinical care, as well as early detection of concerning health events.

FirstWatch System Enhancement Modules

Mobile App - Near real-time public safety and public health performance, operational and clinical compliance data at your finger-tips via your iPad or Android tablet.

FirstPass - Monitor and analyze patient care data, identifying deviations rapidly, consistently and automatically. What used to take days or weeks can now be accomplished in minutes, allowing agencies to see in near real-time how the system is performing.

ProQA Dashboard & Reports - Provide managers, supervisors & QA/QI teams with an automated, real-time tool to monitor and improve call center operations, as well as the effectiveness of your teams ProQA usage.

Daily Management Report - Monitor the effectiveness of your operation! Breakdown various mission times like call taking time, dispatch time or run time and monitor Unit-Hour Utilization by comparing scheduled, actual and lost unit hours on task time.

Online Compliance Utility - A web-enabled collaboration tool for use by Providers and Authorities to simplify and manage contract compliance for exceptions and exemption reporting

EMS Transport and Hospital Status Dashboard - The dashboard lists each primary hospital, showing how many units are currently en-route to, or have arrived at each facility.

SQL Reporting Services - Allow authorized users to set additional user-defined parameters against their data from within the First-Watch system for auto-broadcast reports.

Real-Time Demand Analysis Tool – Real-time, dynamically updated and calculate Demand Analysis module which offers a select view of customer data.

Patient Transfer of Care Tool – Capture transfer of care times at each facility, delay reasons over defined threshold and individual or overall performance.

Performance Plus Drill-Down - Drill-down into granular performance criteria specific to individual teams members, crews, units, shifts, stations, response areas, beats, precincts or other predefined variables.

Product Information:
Ask us about the NEW FirstWatch-ProQA Dashboard & Report which provides managers, supervisors & QA/QI teams with an automated, real-time tool to monitor and improve call center operations, as well as the effectiveness of your teams ProQA usage. FREE to existing FirstWatch customers with ProQA interface! Product Features: Seamlessly interface with ProQA/Paramount for EMD, Fire and Police; Multiple ProQA measures in one dashboard view; Monitor Pre/Post caller instructions; Refreshes Automatically!

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